Commercial Pipe Tube Part Ultrasonic Cleaner

Commercial Pipe Tube Part Ultrasonic Cleaner

Feature: Stainless steel tank, high resistance to wear and long work-life. Digital timing and heating control, super easy to operate. Tap water directly, or industrial alcohol and solvent cleaner for higher cleaning requirement. Convenient bottom drainage, avoid movement. Industrial control chip micro-controller, flexible circuit boards control, more secure & stable. Large tank capacity, large heating power and ultrasonic cleaning power, more efficient cleaning. Support full voltage range from 100,110~130, 220~240V, plug type will be matched according to your shipping address.

Product Details

Commercial pipe tube part ultrasonic cleaner

pipe ultrasonic cleaning


Frequency of the ultrasound wave: 40KHz

Ultrasonic power: 600W

Heating Power: 500W

Material of the inner tank: SUS304 stainless steel

Exterior material: stainless steel

Unit Size:  530mm*325mm*325mm

Tank Size: 500mm*300mm*200mm

Volume: 30L

Usable Capacity: 27L

Time: 0 - 30min

Input voltage:AC 100-120V/ AC 220 - 240V, 50Hz /60Hz

N.W/G.W: 14.4KG/16KG

Apply To:

Semi-conductor:   Integrated circuit, power tube,silicon wafer,diode,lead frame. capillary,tray,etc.

Precision machine: Bearing,sewing machine parts,typewriter,textile machine, optical mechanical device,gas valve,watches,cameras,metal filter,element,etc.

Optical device: Glasses,lens,prism,optical lens,filter lens,glass device,film,optical fiber,etc.

Medical instrument: Medical instrument,denture,etc.

Electroplate: Galvaniced parts,mold,stamping parts,etc.

Car parts: Piston ring,carburetor,flow meter housing,compressor shell,electrical components,etc.

Chemical fiber: Chemical or artificial fiber nozzle filter protector chemical fiber texture,etc.

Electrical&electronic machine:  Tube parts,cathode ray tube,printed circuit board,quartz parts,electronic components,telephone switching equipment,speaker components,power meter,LCD glass,core iron parts,computer floppy disk,video parts,hoop parts,head,photo die mask, etc.

Hardware&machinery parts:  Bearing,gear,ball, metal shaft prts,tools,adjustable vavle and cylinder parts,burner,compressors,hydraulic press,gun and ultracentrifuge,city water faucet,etc.



Ensure the power supply s in rated range before power cable is connexted.Rfitting is strictly prohibited! Attention that the control panel will be eroded by organic solution,strong acd and strong alkali.

Eusure the earth wiring is well connected before starting.

Ensure the power key or knob is on the 'OFF' place before staring.

Do ot operate if the tank is empty,or ultrasonic generator will be damaged,if heating is needed, the water level shouldn't be less than 2/3.

Please close the lid to reduce noise and pay attention to water and steam in case of burning skin while open the lid.

Do not relocate the machine when fluid in the tank in case of overflow.

Suggest using water-soluble liquid for SKYMEN bentchtop ultrasonic cleaners.Strong acid or flammability cleaner is forbidden.

Do not use the machine in severe environment:

The place where temperature changes fiercely

The place where humidity is too high and is easy to produce dew

The place where vibration or impact is strong

The place where water,oil or chemicals splash

The place where exists corrosive gas or dust

The place where is filled with explosive and flammable gas

SKYMEN-Digital-2L-Ultrasonic-Cleaner-with-Degas-Heating-Timer-Bath-60W-Ultrasound-Machine-Dental-Watches-Glasses (5)

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