What Factors Affect Ultrasonic Cleaner Performance?
- Jan 10, 2019 -

1. Ultrasonic frequency: the lower the frequency, the more obvious the cavitation effect of the cleaning machine, but the noise is relatively high, which is generally applicable to objects with relatively flat surfaces. The higher the frequency, the weaker the cavitation effect, but the noise is relatively low. It is suitable for objects with many micro-hole blind holes, such as clock parts and electronic crystals. For parts cleaning with small gaps, deep holes and slits, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning instruments (generally above 40 kHz) are better, even several hundred kHz.

2. Ultrasonic power: Many people think that the greater the power, the cleaner the cleaning, and some people think that the longer the cleaning time, the cleaner. In fact, this is the wrong view. It is necessary to know that the ultrasonic cleaning effect is not necessarily proportional to (power × cleaning time). Sometimes it takes a long time to clean the machine with a small power and does not remove dirt. At a certain power value, the dirt is sometimes removed quickly. If the power is too large, the cavitation intensity will be greatly increased, and the efficiency of the cleaning effect will be improved. However, if the cleaning is a more precise part, an etch point will be generated, and the damaged part will not be worth the loss. Therefore, for cleaning objects that have not been contacted or inexperienced, we generally let the customer send cleaning objects, and freely give the customer an experiment to obtain and match the appropriate parameter configuration, and configure the ultrasonic power according to the actual experimental conditions.

3. Cleaning temperature: cleaning simple dirt, such as surface dust, temperature requirements are not high, you can add a little temperature to clean; if cleaning dirt is oily grease, generally 50 ° C medium temperature cleaning effect is best .

4. Cleaning basket: When cleaning some parts and articles, the cleaning basket is often used. Due to the factors of the mesh, the ultrasonic wave may be attenuated, so it is particularly noticeable. For example, when the frequency is 28khz, it is better to use a mesh of 10mm or more.

5. Cleaning liquid: the special chemical dirt should be ultrasonically cleaned according to the matching cleaning liquid. Generally, the lower the viscosity of the cleaning liquid, the better the cleaning effect will be.

6. The position of the object to be cleaned and the depth of the cleaning liquid: the liquid level of the general cleaning liquid is two-thirds of the height of the washing machine tank, and the cleaning object is preferably not cleaned. Since the single-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is affected by the standing wave field, the amplitude of the node will be small, and the amplitude of the amplitude will cause uneven ultrasonic cleaning. Therefore, the best location for cleaning items should be placed at the amplitude.


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