Ultrasonic Cleaning Process
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Generally speaking, the cleaning process depends on the ease of cleaning the object and the number of cleaning.

The main cleaning process is as follows:

1 Hot dip or spray washing: The aim is to soften, separate and dissolve the contaminants on the workpiece, and to reduce the load of the next cleaning process.

2) Ultrasonic Cleaning: The use of Hyper-Sonic produced by the strong cavitation and vibration of the workpiece surface of the dirt peeling off, but also the grease of the dirt decomposition, emulsification.

3 Cold rinse: Use the flow of clean water will have fallen off but still floating on the surface of the workpiece wash dirt.

4) Ultrasonic rinse: solvent for clean water, workpiece immersion, the use of ultrasonic will float in the workpiece edge, angle and pores of the dirt clean.

5 Hot water purification and cold water rinsing: further removal of dirt particles hanging on the surface of the workpiece.

6) Hot air Drying: the use of certain temperature and wind speed, so that the surface of the parts quickly dry.


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