Powerful 28khz Immersible Ultrasonic Transducer With Generator From Skymen Manufacturer
- Jan 09, 2019 -

What is immersible ultrasonic transducer tube?

The ultrasonic vibrating tube is also called  ultrasound tube reactor. Compared with the traditional ultrasonic vibrating plate, it has the characteristics of wider application range and longer service life. Industrial applications use ultrasonic vibrating rods for cleaning, extraction, chemical reaction, anti-scaling, water treatment, etc., which is a very mature and widely used technology.

What are the advantages of immersible ultrasonic transducer tube?

1. Ultrasonic cavitation is generated around the vibrating rod, and the ultrasonic energy is distributed very evenly around the rod;

2. The power output of the ultrasonic vibrating bar is not affected by the load changes such as liquid level, tank volume and temperature difference, and the power output is stable and uniform;

3. The ultrasonic vibrating rod is more than 1.5 times the service life of the traditional ultrasonic vibration plate;

4. Ultrasonic vibrating rod round tube design makes the vibrating rod easy to install and use;

5. The ultrasonic vibrating rod is sealed and waterproof, and it is safe to use.

 immersible ultrasonic transducer tube is invented by the principle of positive and negative pressure alternating cycle. It is sealed and waterproof, flexible and convenient to use, takes up little space, and does not leave dead spots for cleaning. The closest product to it is the ultrasonic vibration plate, but the environment is different.

In industrial applications, ultrasonic shock bars are used for vibration, vibration, cleaning, extraction, chemical reaction, and emulsification. More and more pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics factories, and hardware manufacturers use this technology.

The ultrasonic vibration rod is composed of an ultrasonic transducer, a transmitting head and a horn, and is used for generating ultrasonic vibration, and the vibration energy is continuously transmitted to the liquid, and the ultrasonic transducer converts the input electric energy into mechanical energy, that is, ultrasonic wave.

Ultrasonic shock rods produced by Skymen are widely used in cleaning. With this cylindrical design, it is especially suitable for the cleaning of various types of pipelines. It will reproduce the scale, the inner wall of the pipeline and the water, and will form a strong impact. Force, peel, peel off, crush, and thoroughly clean the inner wall of the pipe.

Application of ultrasonic vibrating rod in accelerating chemical reaction

The front end of the ultrasonic vibrating rod tool head is attached to the outer wall of the kettle or into the cavity of the kettle body. The ultrasonic transducer can send ultrasonic waves to the chemical reactants in the cavity, and the liquid to be treated is ultrasonic. The cavitation effect can cause changes in the activity of the reaction system, destroy the solvent structure of the chemical reactants in the cavity, generate instantaneous high temperature and high pressure sufficient to initiate the chemical reaction, form a local high energy center, and promote the smooth progress of the chemical reaction. The main factor of the catalytic reaction of the vibrating rod.

The secondary effects of ultrasonic waves, such as mechanical vibration, emulsification, diffusion, and crushing, are all beneficial to the full mixing of the reactants. The ultrasonic vibrating rods use high-power concentrating transducers, which can make the material undergo intense forced motion and accelerate. The transfer of matter can replace traditional mechanical agitation. Of course, in practical applications, it is better to use the electric agitator to accelerate the reaction.

Use immersible ultrasonic transducer tube purify or separate while chemical or food industry

immersible tranducer purify


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