Advantages Of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
- Aug 27, 2018 -

① thorough cleaners The dead end: Ultrasonic Cleaning machine for manual and other cleaning methods can not be completely effective cleaning of the workpiece, has a significant cleaning effect, can thoroughly meet the cleaning requirements, remove the complex workpiece hidden corner of the spot stains;

② a variety of workpiece cleaning: No matter how complex the shape of the workpiece, put it into the cleaning fluid, as long as it is able to contact the liquid place, ultrasonic cleaning effect can be achieved.

③ Multi-function Cleaning: Ultrasonic Cleaning machine can be combined with different solvents to achieve different effects, to meet different production processes, such as: oil removal, derusting, dust removal, wax removal, removal of debris, except or phosphating, passivation, pottery, electroplating and so on.

④ reduce pollution: Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively reduce pollution, reduce toxic solvents to human damage, environmental protection and efficient.

⑤ reduction of Artificial: the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine can realize the workpiece automatic cleaning, drying, only in the workpiece cleaning the upper and lower end of each configuration one operation staff can greatly reduce the manual cleaning of the number of personnel and cleaning time.

⑥ Shorten operation time: the cleaning time of ultrasonic cleaning machine is shortened to One-fourth of manual cleaning compared with manual cleaning;


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