Aerospace Parts Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Aerospace parts industrial ultrasonic Cleaner Skymen mufacturing a wide range capacity aerospace part ultrasonic cleaning system from 38Liter to 4500liter with single stage to multistage ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaning technology reaches the most inaccessible surface areas of complex...

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Aerospace parts industrial ultrasonic Cleaner

Skymen mufacturing a wide range capacity aerospace part ultrasonic cleaning system from 38Liter to 4500liter with single stage to multistage ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology reaches the most inaccessible surface areas of complex aerospace components used in manufacturing, overhaul, servicing and maintenance stages. skymen ultrasonic equipment provides a much faster and higher quality cleaning results than spray washing and manual scrubbing. It is a more environmentally friendly alternative to solvent cleaning.





1st Clean Tank

Clean Tank Capacity(mm)

700*500*500 mm

Tank material:

304 Stainless Steel

Tank capacity

175 L


40khz or 28Khz for Option




1 to 99 hours


To 95°C

Ultrasonic power :


Heating power :



Oil skimmer Mount behind

2nd Rinse Tank

2nd Rinse tank size (mm)


Tank Capacity


Tank material:

304 stainless steel


40khz or 28Khz




1 to 99 hours


To 95°C

Ultrasonic power :


Heating power :


3rd Spray tank

3rd spray tank


Tank Capacity

175 L


With spray system

4th Drying Tank

4th Rinse tank size (mm)


Tank material:

304 Stainless Steel


1—99 hours


Heat up to 150°C;

Fan power

1.5 KW


6 KW


Drain Valve


Basket and lid


Generator Voltage

110V Or 220V; 50/60hz

Machine voltage

220V or 380V; 3 Phase


Before after cleaning VS



Application and fileds


Cleaning Objects

Auto industry

engine parts, gear box, shock absorber, auto nozzle, cylinder, valve, Carburetors


PCB board, electronic parts, TV parts, computer parts

Aerospace and marine parts

Turbine blades, Marine Engine components, Overhaul parts, Pneumatics


Moulds, precision parts, pressing parts, camera parts, bearing, hardware tools

Plating and Painting

polishing parts, SUS cutter, tableware, plating

Food industry

Oven tray, boiler, bottles, bottle cap, Hood Filters

Optical& watch tool

optical lens, eyeglass, sunglass, metal, gold, jewelry, diamond, watch band, watch cover, watch hand


Jewelry, diamond, gold, silver products

Dental and Medical

Dental Device, Medical Implant,beakers, bottles, vials, pipettes, or other labware.

Advantage of ultrasonic cleaner :
Ultrasonic cleaning not only delivers better quality results, it can make your shop greener, safer and less costly to run by eliminating harmful solvents. Let's first examine the problems solvents cause, then look at how ultrasonic cleaning solves those issues.

Solvents usually require additional cleaning work
Only the most caustic solvents will remove all the grime on components. Additional work by employees or a machine, such as hand scrubbing or spray washing, will cost time and labor.

Many solvents present a danger to employees
At a minimum, most industrial solvents will present a danger to a worker's skin and eyes, and there may be issues with fumes.

Solvents are often costly to purchase
The cost for the actual solvent may not rank among your greatest expenses, but it can be significant over time. This will be especially true if you use solvents designed to meet green targets.

Solvents may have a high disposal cost
Solvents are usually classified as hazardous waste unless they have a flashpoint above 140 degrees, and as such are expensive to dispose of. Those formulas which are less hazardous also tend to be less effective, which will drive up the costs from additional cleaning. Plus, your state may classify your solvent as "special waste" or some other category and require special handling anyway.

Efforts to preserve your solvent may backfire
The higher the base cost of the solvent and the disposal expense are, the greater the incentive to preserve each batch as long as possible. The problem? Each action to help preserve batches—whether it's more hand cleaning, filtration, longer soaking, etc.—increases costs elsewhere. In the long run, this may end up costing more than you save. Additionally, if the effort to preserve it goes on too long, the medium may become ineffective, leaving you with a batch of components that needs to be re-cleaned.So, how does ultrasonic cleaning eliminate these concerns?

Cavitation means you"ll need no additional cleaning work
Ultrasonic cleaning occurs when the sound waves cause microscopic bubbles to form on the surface of the item being cleaned. The wave action also causes the bubbles to collapse. As they do, the liquid rushing into the space blasts contaminants off the surface.
Because the bubbles are microscopic and reach everywhere liquid can reach, additional scrubbing or spraying will not be necessary. Every contaminant on every surface will be removed by ultrasonic cavitation, usually in about five to seven minutes.

Simple detergents are safe and have a much lower cost
Ultrasonic cleaning requires the use of a detergent to facilitate moving contaminants away from the surface being cleaned, but these detergents are quite mild and cost a fraction of what you will pay for organic or petroleum-based solvents. That means no danger to employees, no safety equipment and no safety compliance costs. In addition, since cavitation (not the detergent itself) is doing the heavy lifting, you"ll use much less detergent compared to solvent.

There are no major disposal costs with the typical ultrasonic cleaning bath
A water mix with a mild detergent won't qualify as a hazardous waste or have any properties making it dangerous to the environment. That means you"ll save the cost of hazardous waste disposal fees.

Frequent changes have a lower cost, so they become a best practice
When both the cleaning medium and disposal of it come with a minimal cost, there's no need to take actions intended to stretch out its effective life. This can save you labor costs, filtration maintenance and rework, just to name a few possible costs.
The ability of ultrasonic cleaning to remove grime of any type from even inaccessible surfaces makes it the go-to cleaning technology for any technical operation, and eliminating solvents from the equation will save you costs and headaches in the short and long runs. If you'd like to learn more about eliminating harsh chemicals with an ultrasonic cleaning setup, get in touch with us today.


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