Precautions for Ultrasonic Cleaning machine
- Aug 27, 2018 -

⑴ Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine power supply and heater power supply must have a good grounding device.

⑵ Ultrasonic Cleaning machine is strictly prohibited without cleaning liquid boot, that is, cleaning cylinder does not add a certain amount of cleaning fluid, not open ultrasonic switch.

⑶ has heating equipment cleaning equipment is strictly prohibited when no liquid turn on the heating switch.

⑷ prohibit the use of heavy (iron) impact cleaning cylinder bottom, lest the energy converter chip damage.

⑸ Ultrasonic Generator power supply should be used alone 220v/50hz power supply and equipped with more than 2000W regulator.

⑹ cleaning cylinder Bottom to regular flushing, must not have too much debris or dirt. ⑺ every time the new liquid, to be ultrasonic start, before the wash pieces.


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