Large Tube Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaning Rod

1. SUS stainless steel housing Hard-Cr plating Treatment ( 20 + microns )
2. Adaptable for continuous operation
3. Ultrasonic generator with sweep mode
4. User-friendly operation
5. Disperse, emulsify, stir, defoam, clean

Product Details

Ultrasonic Immersion Transducer Cleaning System

1. SUS stainless steel housing Hard-Cr plating Treatment ( 20 + microns )

2. Adaptable for continuous operation

3. Ultrasonic generator with sweep mode

4. User-friendly operation

5. Disperse, emulsify, stir, defoam, clean

6. Simple,convenient,space-efficient

7. Suitable for different capacity tank




JM-1036 (Power adjustable)



Ultrasonic power



36 pcs


SUS304 (SUS316 can be custom made)

Power Supply

AC 110V/220V



Apply to

108L ~180L exist tank

Power adjustable



immersible bar 20kgs+Generator 10 kgs




1. Automatic Transmissions Parts

2. Diesel Injection
3. Pump Servicing and pipes and fittings
4. All aspects of Engineering
5. Clean the externals and internals of Inter Coolers, After Coolers, Plate Coolers, all types and sizes Hydraulic Coolers, Industrial Compressor Radiators and Mesabi Radiator cores
6. Stainless Steel Filters & Air Intake Paper Filters
7. All types of Hydraulic Equipment, Hydraulic Drifters, Hydrostatic Transmissions, Hydraulic Pipes and Fittings
8. Brakes, sleeves, pistons, brake lines and housings
9. All types of motor and transmission PCB’s
10. All types of electric motors, alternators and generators
11. Servicing of steering housings and parts
12. Servicing of Immersible pumps, parts and housings, especially SS Pump and parts



Application of Ultrasonic Vibration Rod in Extraction of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ultrasonic submersible transducer bar can be used to extract the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine. 

First, the extraction solvent is added to the container, and the Chinese medicinal materials are crushed or cut into granules according to the requirements and placed in the extraction solvent; the ultrasonic generator is turned on, the ultrasonic transducer bar is installed on the top of the extraction tank, ultrasonic waves are sent to the extraction solvent, and the ultrasonic waves are The 'cavitation effect' and mechanical effects of the extraction solvent can effectively break the cell wall of the medicinal material, free the active ingredient and dissolve it into the extraction solvent, and on the other hand, accelerate the molecular motion of the extraction solvent and make the extraction solvent. The active ingredients in the herbs are rapidly contacted and mixed and mixed with each other.

Ultrasonic submersible bar extract the optimal temperature of 40-60 degrees Celsius, so there is no need to provide a boiler to provide steam heating, which is conducive to energy conservation and environmental pollution. More importantly, it has a protective effect on the active ingredients in herbs that are unstable to heat, easily hydrolyzed or oxidized. Ultrasonic tranducer bar generally operate in about 30 minutes to obtain the best results. The extraction efficiency is greatly improved compared to traditional techniques, and is not limited by the nature and molecular weight of Chinese herbal medicines. It is suitable for most types of Chinese herbal medicines and various types of ingredients. The extraction (including liquid-liquid extraction and solid-liquid extraction). Therefore, the use of immersible transducer bar for traditional Chinese medicine extraction has been more and more widely used by pharmaceutical companies.

Application of ultrasonic immersible transducer bar in anti-scaling

We take the heat exchanger as an example. Ultrasonic immersible transducer bar are generally installed in the inlet of the heat exchanger. They are controlled by flange connections and control valves. It is possible to stop the production of ultrasound equipment during inspection and maintenance. The main principle is that ultrasonic waves transmit energy during resonance in the process of transmission, and energy molecules such as scale, water, and metal heat exchange surface obtain energy during the vibration process. The water in the heat exchange tube generates vibration and fierce collision while obtaining energy. The water molecules containing various inorganic salts, which are inherently unstable, generate numerous cavitation bubbles (cavitation) and form cavitation chambers for water molecules. When these bubbles rapidly expand and suddenly close, they generate localized impacts of thousands of atmospheric pressures and high-speed jets with speeds of up to 400 km/h and high energy of 5000k or more. These energies destroy the combination of positive and negative ions with acid radicals, destroying the formation of scale. Conditions to achieve anti-scaling.

About us:
Skymen Cleaning Equipment Shenzhen Co.Ltd,that has worked on ultrasonic cleaner for more than 10 years.
Our ultrasonic products fully range from mini household ultrasonic cleaner, benchtop stainless steel small ultrasonic cleaner, and industrial large tank ultrasonic cleaner as well as Immersible ultrasonic transducer system.

Our company devote to research and development, with strong engineer teams.
Otherwise, we accept customer’s idea and want to develop new products together.

Q: What cleaning solution should I use?
A: A large variety of different formulas designed for specific applications. Proper selection is crucial for acceptable cleaning activity and to prevent unwanted reactions with the workpiece.

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