Food Industry Ultrasonic Transducer Stir Bar

Food Industry Ultrasonic Transducer Stir Bar

Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers (Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner) enable you to add ultrasonic advantage to your existing cleaning application.You can install the ultrasonic immersible transducers on the bottom, surface, the side or the top of cleaning tank according to different need.

Product Details

80khz 304 Immersible Ultrasonic Transducer Bar

Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers (Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner) enable you to add ultrasonic advantage to your existing cleaning application.You can install the ultrasonic immersible transducers on the bottom, surface, the side or the top of cleaning tank according to different need.

900W immersible Ultrasonic probe
Material: SUS304/SUS316 stainless steel
Ultrasonic Power: 900W
Ultrasonic Frequency: 28khz/40khz
Dimension: 57*750mm (D*H)
Ultrasonic Generator: KG 900W 1 unit
Power Supply: 220V/110V single phase
Plug: US, AU, EU, UK standard plug.

With mounted flange

1. With high ultrasonic power

● Multi frequency optional

● 1mm SUS304 material

● 60W industrial ultrasonic transducer

● it can work continuously

● with separate generator control

● multi function: Clean, emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, catalysis, defoaming, stirring

● long working life























Ultrasonic power












AC 110V/220V


small volume, easy to carry


What is immersible transducer bar?
Ultrasonic immersible transducer bar are also called submersible transducer probe. Compared with traditional ultrasonic bar, they have a wider range of application and longer life span. Industrial applications using ultrasonic bar for cleaning, extraction, chemical reaction, anti-scaling, water treatment, etc., are very mature and widely used technologies.

Ultrasonic transducer bar use the alternating period of positive and negative pressures in the transmission process of ultrasonic waves. When its phase is in the positive phase, the media molecules are squeezed to increase the original density of the medium. In the negative phase, the medium molecules are sparse and discrete, and the medium density is Decrease. Ultrasonic transducer bar can generate ultrasonic waves around 360°, and the energy output is not affected by changes in the load level, temperature, etc.

Ultrasonic transducer bar generally include high-power ultrasonic transducers, horns, and tool heads. ), used to generate ultrasonic vibrations and emit this vibration energy into the liquid. The transducer converts the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, ie ultrasonic waves. The manifestation is that the transducer moves back and forth in the longitudinal direction with an amplitude of typically several micrometers. This kind of amplitude power density is not enough and cannot be used directly. The horn magnifies the amplitude as designed, isolates the reaction solution and the transducer, and also fix the entire ultrasonic vibration system. The tool head is connected to the horn, and the horn transfers the ultrasonic energy vibration to the tool head. The tool head then transmits the ultrasonic energy into the chemical reaction liquid.


1, Ultrasonic cavitation occurs around the vibrating rod, and the ultrasonic energy is distributed very evenly around the rod.
2, The power output of the ultrasonic vibrator is not affected by the changes in the liquid level, tank capacity, and temperature difference, and the power output is stable and uniform.
3, Ultrasonic transducer bar work life span is more than 1.5 times as traditional ultrasonic transducers box;
4, Ultrasonic transducer bar with round tube design makes it easy to install and use
5, Ultrasonic immersible transducer bar is absolutely waterproof, safe to use.


Ultrasonic transducer bar widely used to cleaning
Due to its unique round tube design features, ultrasonic vibrators are particularly suitable for the cleaning of various types of pipelines. The principle is to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic energy and transfer it to scale, water, and the inner wall of the pipeline in accordance with its own laws, so that it can be obtained energy of. The oscillating waves generated during the transmission of ultrasonic waves cause resonance in the scale, water, and the inner wall of the pipe. Because of the different oscillating frequencies of the scale, water, and the inner wall of the pipe, the water molecules in the pipe undergo a fierce collision, giving rise to powerful impacts and impact on the heat exchange surface. The layer of dirt on it is crispy, peeled off, detached, crushed, and discharged together with the drainage of the equipment, thus achieving thorough cleaning of the inner wall of the pipeline by the ultrasonic transducer bar. In addition,the ultrasonic transducer bar can also be used for the cleaning of the tank body, and can be freely placed at any position of the cleaning tank. it is very flexible and convenient to the ultrasonic immersible transducer bar, and the occupied volume space is very small, and the cleaning is comprehensive, thoroughly。

Application of Ultrasonic Vibration Rod in Extraction of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ultrasonic submersible transducer bar can be used to extract the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine.
First, the extraction solvent is added to the container, and the Chinese medicinal materials are crushed or cut into granules according to the requirements and placed in the extraction solvent; the ultrasonic generator is turned on, the ultrasonic transducer bar is installed on the top of the extraction tank, ultrasonic waves are sent to the extraction solvent, and the ultrasonic waves are The 'cavitation effect' and mechanical effects of the extraction solvent can effectively break the cell wall of the medicinal material, free the active ingredient and dissolve it into the extraction solvent, and on the other hand, accelerate the molecular motion of the extraction solvent and make the extraction solvent. The active ingredients in the herbs are rapidly contacted and mixed and mixed with each other.

Ultrasonic submersible bar extract the optimal temperature of 40-60 degrees Celsius, so there is no need to provide a boiler to provide steam heating, which is conducive to energy conservation and environmental pollution. More importantly, it has a protective effect on the active ingredients in herbs that are unstable to heat, easily hydrolyzed or oxidized. Ultrasonic tranducer bar generally operate in about 30 minutes to obtain the best results. The extraction efficiency is greatly improved compared to traditional techniques, and is not limited by the nature and molecular weight of Chinese herbal medicines. It is suitable for most types of Chinese herbal medicines and various types of ingredients. The extraction (including liquid-liquid extraction and solid-liquid extraction). 

Therefore, the use of immersible transducer bar for traditional Chinese medicine extraction has been more and more widely used by pharmaceutical companies.

Application of ultrasonic immersible transducer bar in Accelerating Chemical Reaction

The front end of the head of the ultrasonic vibrating rod tool head is closely attached to the outer wall of the kettle or into the kettle chamber of the kettle body. The ultrasonic transducer can send ultrasonic waves to the chemical reactants in the kettle chamber. The liquid to be treated is due to ultrasonic waves. The effect of cavitation can cause changes in the reactivity of the reaction system, destroy the solvent structure of the chemical reactants in the kettle chamber, generate instantaneous high temperature and high pressures sufficient to initiate chemical reactions, form local high energy centers, and promote the smooth progress of chemical reactions. This is the use of ultrasound. The submersible transducer bar are the main factors that catalyze chemical reactions.

The secondary effects of ultrasound, such as mechanical oscillation, emulsification, diffusion, and crushing, are all conducive to the omni-directional and thorough mixing of the reactants. The ultrasonic immersible transducer bar uses a high-power concentrating transducer, which can make the material to undergo intense forced movement and accelerate. The diffusion of substances can replace traditional mechanical stirring. Of course, in practical applications, the use of electric stirrers can accelerate the reaction.
Application of ultrasonic immersible transducer bar in anti-scaling

We take the heat exchanger as an example. Ultrasonic immersible transducer bar are generally installed in the inlet of the heat exchanger. They are controlled by flange connections and control valves. It is possible to stop the production of ultrasound equipment during inspection and maintenance. The main principle is that ultrasonic waves transmit energy during resonance in the process of transmission, and energy molecules such as scale, water, and metal heat exchange surface obtain energy during the vibration process. The water in the heat exchange tube generates vibration and fierce collision while obtaining energy. The water molecules containing various inorganic salts, which are inherently unstable, generate numerous cavitation bubbles (cavitation) and form cavitation chambers for water molecules. When these bubbles rapidly expand and suddenly close, they generate localized impacts of thousands of atmospheric pressures and high-speed jets with speeds of up to 400 km/h and high energy of 5000k or more. These energies destroy the combination of positive and negative ions with acid radicals, destroying the formation of scale. Conditions to achieve anti-scaling.

Application of ultrasonic vibration rod in water treatment
Ultrasonic submersible transducer bar The energy-concentrating ultrasonic probe enables energy concentration, and powerful sound intensity can be obtained on the ultrasonic radiation end face. Due to the condensing effect of the horn, the acoustic energy density is greatly improved; the reaction can be accurately designed according to the size of the sound energy density. The probe's transmitting end face is generally designed to be removable, so that the probe with suitable size can be selected at any time according to the required sound intensity. At the same time, when the probe is seriously corroded by cavitation, only the end part needs to be replaced without having to change expensive whole bar.

Ultrasonic immersible transducer bar can be used to treat a variety of refractory organic

wastewaters and have been used to contain monocyclic aromatic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols, chlorinated hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organic acids, dyes,alcohols, ketones, etc. Wastewater treatment research and achieved good results. In actual industrial wastewater, this equipment has been used to treat papermaking wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, tannery wastewater, coking wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, landfill leachate, etc., and achieved good results.

In addition, in some landscape lakes, river ultrasonic wave vibrators can also be used to eliminate algae and suppress algae. Ultrasonic mechanical effects, cavitation effects, thermal effects, and acoustic flow effects cause algal cells to break, break down chemical bonds in the material molecules, break and die on the outer wall of algae, and increase the disruption of algae vacuoles, cell death, or growth. Inhibition and other effects cause a series of biological effects. The cavitation causes the microbubbles present in the liquid to rapidly expand and then suddenly close, generating shock waves and jets to achieve the goal of eliminating algae's balanced water environment ecology. The low-intensity ultrasound destroys the structure and function of phycobilisomes, interferes with the synthetic pathway of chlorophyll, and thus achieves the purpose of inhibiting the growth of algae.

About Skymen

SKYMEN, a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaner, with the goal of "To pursue top quality, to make our world clean and life health." , has been developing ultrasonic cleaning technology since 2007, sells its ultrasonic products in Europe, China , United States of America, all over the world. Thanks to its expertise in production of ultrasonic cleaner, the company's products are well received in those markets.

For more than ten years SKYMEN has been developing a wide range ultrasonic cleaner, included household ultrasonic cleaner for beauty shop, table top ultrasonic cleaner for medical industry, science and lab, university, government military firearm gun cleaning, 3D printing, electronic circuit cleaning, dental clinics and tattoos instrument cleaning and sterilization; industrial ultrasonic cleaner for auto repair, diesel workshop, automotive industry, marin industry, restoration after fire disaster, machining industry, manufacturing industry, diamond jewelry industry coin cleaning, brass part, metal part, aluminum part cleaning.

Quality is the life of products."Quality First, Customer Foremost." fully embodies our company's business concept of"Get trust through honesty. Win through superior quality". To ensure the quality of production, all the raw materials must be inspected before being put into storage. In Every production process, strict quality-control, leak detection, aging testing, high voltage leakage test of a machine, temperature difference proofreading and so on. 

President of SKYMEN and company owner Mr. Yang says:"SKYMEN's goal is to make world clean and life health." our product ultrasonic cleaner help our customers solve a lot of cleaning problem , reduce work load, and save time, such as remove dirt, rust, oil, carbon, residues or any other visible or invisible contaminants, to eliminate the hidden dangers in life greatly.
Now Skymen owns factory 5000 square meters; independent Sales office 1600 square meters and Warehouse 1000 square meters.

The production capactiy is:
30000pcs /month for household ultrasonic cleaner;
10000pcs / month for stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner.

With sub-contract SMT factory, including Bending machine, Cutting plate maching, Turning machine, Milling machine, Grinding machine, EDM machine, Oven machine, Sand blaster, Injection Machine, Punching machine etc.Test equipment :Hi pot tester Oscillometer , Dynamometer etc.
Skymen passed Kmart inspected factory on 2015 taken by SGS, and Code of Conduct audit by Birgma, and each year factory audit taken by SGS,CE, ROHS, ISO9001:2008,FCC, C-Tick, Hi-New Technology Enterprise.

Skymen also owns a professional R&D team to keep the pace with international ultrasonic technology. A passionate and young sales team sell to the world through different channels.

We hope everyone or enterprise who work with skymen will grow up with Skymen, Skymen looks forward to working with you to create the brilliancy!




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