Professional Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner

1. On board buttons: - Timer - ON/OFF - Reset
2. Digital LED screen display for timer
3. Timer setting: 1~30min, 18cycles adjustable
4. Quickly and effectively cleaning, user-friendly

Product Details

Professional Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner

Feature of JP-890 ultrasonic cleaner:
1. On board buttons: - Timer - ON/OFF - Reset

2. Digital LED screen display for timer

3. Timer setting: 1~30min, 18cycles adjustable

4. Quickly and effectively cleaning, user-friendly

5. New function for cleaning ring,earring,necklace,diamond,

6. Using just tap water

7. Distinct cleaning result

8. Cleaning articles to shine like new

9. Compact lid design to reduce the noise

10. Transparent lid for more elegant looking






Tank capacity



18 digital   timer settings

Tank  size

155x95x52 mm

Unit   size

206x152x132 mm

Inner  packing

245x175x165 mm

Carton   packing:


Ultrasonic   power





AC 100~120V,60Hz

AC 220~240V, 50Hz


1.1 kg

JP-890 appearance details:

Application in home use:
Daily used Articles such as diamond,jewelry,rings,earrings,bracelets,headdress, Brooches,glasses,watch chain,pens,DVDs, electronic shaver-head,combs, teeth brushes, artificial teeth, tea set, feeder, and fruits like grape, cherry, strawberry, all these can be cleaned and also sterilized. Besides, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can also be used for wine mixing and automatic mixing egg etc. Anything you can image to clean -- it can even clean vegetables and fruit!

Glasses, Optical Instruments:
all Ophthalmic eyeglasses including varies of glasses,contact lens,After cleaning by the digital ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, Lens Parts of dental loudness,telescope,Microscopes, cameras and camcorders,Feeling of the world would become so real.

Tattoo studios and beauty parlors:
Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is highly recommended for sterilization of tattoo needles, machines,inks caps cups, piercing tools,firearms, and other usable beauty accessories.

Banks, offices, finance department, arts and crafts, advertising, office supplies:
printers,nozzle, needle pen, pen head, brush and sprayers will often get Blocked, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can help clean and keep them smooth and clear.

Communication Eq. & Electrical Repair:
PCB and parts of Mobile phones,earphones, walk men and mp3, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with absolute alcohol will get a fantastic dust free,Non pollution, and absolutely cleaning effect.

Medical and labs:
Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner does well in varies of medical instruments,Surgical Instrument,dental artificial teeth,impression tray. Laboratory Glass Beakers,test tubes,mixture and chemical reaction of Potions, they all need to be carefully cleaned in order to Enhance efficiency and accelerate chemical reaction.

Perfect Gift:
This super powerful digital ultrasonic jewellery cleaner becomes more and more popular as gift for any occasion, such as exhibitions, school mateparties, awarding ceremonials, or just For varies of private reasons.


Packing and shipping info of JP-890 ultrasonic cleaner:


1x  ultrasonic cleaner
1x stainless steel basket
1x English Instruction

1x power line

Shipping info:

Carton size (12 pcs)

545x510x355mm (L x W x H)

Carton weight (12 pcs)

14 kgs

20' Container capacity

3,168 pcs

40' Container capacity

6,336 pcs

40' High container capacity

7,392 pcs

About our company:

●Skymen Cleaning Equipment Shenzhen Co.,Ltd has been manufacturing ultrasonic cleaners since 2007, We can manufacture virtually any cleaning system in our 3200 square foot facility located in Shenzhen, China.

●On May 2016, the company is registered to CN ISO 9001: 2008, and its based finishing equipment division has also recently been awarded "New High-Tech Enterprise"

●Our ultrasonic cleaning equipment line includes every type of ultrasonic cleaning system, from mini household ultrasonic cleaner, benchtop stainless steel small ultrasonic cleaner, and industrial large tank ultrasonic cleaner, immersible ultrasonic transducer system, to fully-automated multi-stage systems that produce skymen results for high-technology parts washing applications.

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