Heated Dental Instrument Ultrasonic Cleaner

Dent removal is a necessary evil with brass instruments. From small dings to major dent work & straightening, we are equipped with the tooling and experience to make them go away.

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Brass Instrument Ultrasonic Cleaner


Dent removal
Dent removal is a necessary evil with brass instruments. From small dings to major dent work & straightening, we are equipped with the tooling and experience to make them go away. Feel free to drop by for a dent removal estimate and get your instrument looking like new again.



Model: JP-1200FT

Frequency: 42,000Hz

Tank capacity: 1.2L(2pint)

Timer: 5 working cycle adjust

Tank size: 215x172x90mm

Unit size: 228x218x157mm

Color box packing: 255x250x210mm

Package: 4pcs/carton

Ultrasonic power: 75W

N.W.: 2.3kg   G.W.: 2.7kg

Power supply: AC 100 ~ 120V, 50 / 60Hz

AC 220 ~ 240V, 50 / 60 Hz

Compared with the traditional ultrasonic cleaner, the detachable ultrasonic cleaner increases the detachable function and is more convenient to use. The product is compact and light, simple and elegant, easy to operate, and convenient for users to add cleaning liquid. It can be used as a desktop cleaning machine or as a wall hanging cleaning machine. It adopts international advanced touch technology and has a longer service life than traditional buttons. , waterproof function is better.

Detachable and Touch Screen Function makes it different from most of the ultrasonic cleaners on the market.

Detachable tank: convenient for you to change water without the need to unplug the power cord every time.

Touch Key function: Advanced international induction technology, avoid the damage of control panel and allow infinite repeated operation.

Model JP-1200FT features a detachable SUS tank (2 Pt / 1.2L capacity), making changing water easy when you're in an area (a store, front desk, etc.) where a sink is not available

Includes a lid, watch stand, plastic basket

1-year manufacturer's warranty


1.    Detachable Design makes it convenient to do pouring and wiping

2.    Versatile and powerful, efficient cleaning.

3.    With Touch Screen on the control panel, non-slip touch buttons, replace the traditional buttons

4.    With both Weak and Strong cleaning mode for your choice to clean different objects

5.    Large cleaning tank, multi-layer protection, suitable for cleaning long objects

6.    75W high power, better cleaning effect

7.    Five digital timer settings

8.    Double transducer, stable and durable, soft and even vibration, good cleaning effect

9.    Transparent lid for more elegant looking

10. CE RoHS FCC certified




Applicable industries: 

electronic workshops, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, hospitals, optical shops, jewelry stores, watch shops, mobile phone repair shops, office and home.

Applicable cleaning items:

Electronics, laboratory supplies, office supplies, household goods, computer motherboards and accessories, glassware, circuit boards, auto parts, hardware parts, medical equipment, dentures and dental equipment, glasses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, printers Ink head (no need for special cleaning solution, just tap water), shaving head, nib, coins, badges, pacifiers, cups, cleaning fruits, vegetables, etc.

Package included:

1x JP-1200FT ultrasonic cleaner

1x plastic basket

1x plastic watch frame

1x English Instruction

1x plastic lid

SKYMEN recommend you to clean:

Skymen JP-1200FT ultrasonic cleaner brings the luster back to watches, jewelry, eyeglasses and more and cleans deep inside hard to reach places like small holes, narrow crevices and settings


Why Choose Skymen?

1. Raw Material Inspection:

QC and engineers would make strict inspection of the raw material step by step to ensure quality product.

2. Sales checking:

We salesman would also check the production process to ensure machine 100% according to the sample

3. 100% product inspection:

100% products checking during production, Each unit would be under testing at least 4hours before packed.

4. We always try to do perfect:

Everyone in Skymen would try best to solve problems together with you.

5. Fast delivery

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